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WebDesignHot is a service provided by our team of enthusiastic graphic and web designers and programmers. The purpose of this service is to provide only high-quality, free vector graphics and free icons, as well as web templates to the general public, with a specific target to designers, software and web developers.

All WebDesignHot’ Works (meaning “vector illustration, icons, photos, templates”) are free of charge, but please read further under what Terms and Conditions.

All WebDesignHot Works are licensed under a WebDesignHot Free License. This means that you can use our icons, icon sets, graphics and web templates in any publicly accessible web site, web application or any form of presentation publicly accessible through the World Wide Web only according to the WebDesignHot Free License Terms and Conditions:

  • You must put a back link with credits to on every page where WebDesignHot’ Works are used (example: Vector Graphic by WebDesignHot);
  • You must include the correct back link to WebDesignHot website, which is:;
  • You must place the link on an easy-to-see, recognizable place, so there is no confusion about the Original Author of the Works (WebDesignHot);
  • When copying, or paraphrasing description text (or title) on one of the Works, you must make sure there are no spelling mistakes;
  • Do not try to take credit or imply in any way that you and not WebDesignHot is the Original Author of the Licensed Material (vector illustration, icons, photos, templates).

What you CAN DO:

  • All WebDesignHot’ Works are being provided to you under the Terms of this agreement, which allows for use of our Works but does not transfer ownership. All WebDesignHot’ Works remain property of WebDesignHot;
  • You may use WebDesignHot’ Works in any personal or commercial project unlimited number of times according to the WebDesignHot Free License Terms and Conditions;
  • You may use WebDesignHot’ Works in any Open Source project and application according to the WebDesignHot Free License Terms and Conditions;
  • Your rights to WebDesignHot’ Works are worldwide;
  • Any uses other than the ones mentioned above must be approved by WebDesignHot in writing;
  • Unauthorized use will result in immediate termination of this License, and with it, your rights to use WebDesignHot’ Works.

What you CAN NOT DO:

  • You may not alter, crop, modify, manipulate and create derivative works of WebDesignHot’ Works. All Works must be used “AS IS”;
  • You may not sell our Works. If you’re going to earn money from a project where our Works are being used, then you may not use the Free License ;
  • You may not redistribute, license, lease, assign, convey or transfer WebDesignHot’ Works, or offer free downloads in their present form or in a modified form to any third party;
  • You may not distribute WebDesignHot’ Works (vector illustration, icons, photos, templates) online in a downloadable format or enable them to be distributed via mobile devices. You may link to instead;
  • You may not incorporate WebDesignHot’ Works into a logo, application icon, trademark or service mark;
  • You may not use WebDesignHot’ Works directly from or any other location hosted on the domain or any other domain owned by WebDesignHot.

Copyright reserves the copyrights and ownership rights of all WebDesignHot’ Works downloaded from this website. We reserve the right to change parts of this License without notice and at our sole discretion.

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