WebDesignHot License Summary

Welcome to WebDesignHot! WebDesignHot is a dynamic platform of designers and creators sharing designs, graphics, templates, and other digital assets. We collectively refer to these as "Content". By accessing, using, or contributing to the Content, you agree to comply with our Content License.

We aim to keep our licensing straightforward at WebDesignHot. This summary provides an overview of our Content License, which is available in full here. Please note that only the complete Content License is legally binding.

What can you do with the Content?

Under the terms of our Content License, users are permitted to:

  • ✓ Use Content for free.
  • ✓ Utilize Content without the need for attribution (though we always appreciate credits!).
  • ✓ Modify or adapt Content to create new works.

What are the restrictions on using the Content?

The following are considered Prohibited Uses:

  • ✕ Selling or distributing Content on a standalone basis, where "standalone" implies that the Content remains largely unchanged from its original form on our website.
  • ✕ Using Content containing recognizable trademarks, logos, or brands for commercial purposes, especially when printed on merchandise or other products for sale.
  • ✕ Employing Content in any manner that is immoral, illegal, or particularly when the Content features identifiable individuals.
  • ✕ Using Content in a misleading or deceptive manner.
  • ✕ Using Content to create similar or competing website/service.

Users should be aware that some Content might be subject to additional intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, design rights, and others. It's the user's responsibility to determine if third-party consent or additional licenses are required to use the Content.