How to be a good “citizen” of web design community

One of the most active communities from Internet is the one of web designers and developers. Many of them are maintaining informative blogs, are presented on all types of social networks, use instant messaging solutions and most important, communicate efficiently amongst them and are helping each other in difficult situations. There are many cases when famous web designers are offering feedback to the less specialized folks and the last ones are promoting the works of the masters. The harmony from here is a real example for any other community, but it’s quite normal to ask ourselves for modalities to make this even more active and useful for everyone.

First, we all should greatly appreciate the efforts of the bloggers who are the responsible individuals for entertaining such an impressive mass of people. The blog owners or the post writers are making incredible efforts to maintain the high standards imposed and almost daily, they should find something useful and interesting. It’s not a secret, the huge majority of the blogs are monetized and some of them are really profitable affair, but the contribution of some bloggers is inestimable. Any reader of these blogs must be more tolerant sometimes with the inherent mistakes or any small grammatical disagreements. The ads are annoying and occupy a space that could be used for a better navigation, but wanted or not these are the items that pay bills and afford a decent living.

On the other hand, I don’t encourage the blogging just to be cool, it must be the new online teacher for the people in need. A small mistake in an ocean of quality is negligible while the inverse situation isn’t agreed. Fortunately, this aspect, the respect for the work of others is capital and present in the community, but there are also other modalities to actively participate in the web design community.

1.Read and use the tips


Definitely, the main idea behind the launching of a blog is the enriching of the web design activity. As I said, the best designers launch the web design blogs and their pieces of advice are golden for the majority of the users. Reading more and more tips but in addition to the wise applying of them, are turning a decent individual in a living design star. Another feature of the blogs is the huge quantity of novelties revealed to ordinary people, it’s enough to study how “crazy” was widespread the new information about HTML 5 and CSS 3; without blogs it wouldn’t have been possible. There are formed the new trends and are debated the major issues and anyone may interact with anyone or expose his viewpoint. Conclusion: the web design blogs are the preacher of a better Internet, full of interesting, useful and usable websites.

2.Promote the most useful and interesting posts


A great reward for any blogger is to have as many as possible viral articles. A good practice of a good web design “citizen” is to promote the best articles via social media or by simply sending them using the instant modalities to communicate as Skype, Google Talk, or Yahoo Messenger. Undoubtedly, the first solution, the use of social media is more accessible and powerful, Twitter and Facebook being the most well-known exponents but Stumble Upon, somehow put into the shadow by these, is a good source of traffic for many blogs. All the blogs are making the process of distribution very facile all having social media buttons inserted into the text of the articles, at the beginning or at the end.

3.Use the comment form


Any actor is receiving his reward by applause. The same as him, a blogger considers the appreciation of the readers from the perspective of the comments; the more congratulations, the more energy he has to write other good posts. A very good habit of the web design bloggers is to comment and participate actively in the discussions proposed. The comment form shouldn’t be considered a sterile place where some are manifesting their appreciation while others may submit impish reactions, it is a modality to share ideas, personal points of view and why not, to complete the post. The adoption of this mentality is a step further for a better Internet and the advantages are both for readers and writers.

4.Write guest posts


I have a lot of talented friends that are designers and they consider blogging a very tiring (tedious) activity but their solid experience may be very useful for the less specialized. It’s obvious that blogging assumes more than a solid knowledge, but all of the designers should try at least once a year to share their opinions. Writing guest posts is also a both sides beneficial, the blog owners post a quality contribution and the writer receives the recognition of the readers.

5.Offer replies to all kinds of proposal


A good designer, an active component of web design community is receiving many emails containing various proposals, some of them interesting and some less important but is polite to offer a reply no matter which the answer is. In this way, the communication is improved, anyone knows if he may count on the services of other or must search for another.

6.Use efficiently the social networks


The web design community is close to the social media addicts and this association must be another step in forming a better online world. A good “citizen” of the web design community is active on some social networks and, of course, is offering advice, feedback or any opinion to the ones asking for.

As you see, being a better “citizen” of the web design community isn’t rocket science, but by applying these simple tips, the situation will improve and it is advantageous for all people working in online industry.




Author Bio: Nancy is a lead writer over at NTHEMES. Adding one new WP Theme daily, they keep their visitors informed on the latest and greatest in WordPress Themes broken down by category including Responsive, Photography, and Business just to name a few

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