Zurker – A Member-owned Social Network

Zurker is one of the most exciting and fresh ideas that I have recently seen. It gives you the chance to be an owner of a new free social media site. If you like Facebook you will really love Zurker.

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Zurker is a third-generation social app. It’s special because it’s owned by its members. This means Zurker isn’t owned by a select few venture capitalists who stand to make billions and billions. Not only do you own your content on Zurker, you own part of the actual social network itself! This unusual DNA will help Zurker develop the best social app available, which in turn will propel Zurker to becoming the dominant social network in the coming decade (and beyond).

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In order to compete with established social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more recently Google Plus, Zurker have come up with a unique and innovative strategy. By issuing “vShares” to members when they join or invite others to join the entire community have a say in key decisions that will shape the future of Zurker. vShares are stakes of ownership in Zurker. There are many different between zuker and faceook, the key difference is that Facebook is owned by a select few investors, whereas Zurker is owned by a large number of members.

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Zurker is a democracy in the sense that the users make the decisions. It’s this democratic, member driven approach to the future direction of the site that both interests and excites me, and why I am so hopeful for their success. In any event, Zurker will contribute in significant ways to the social media universe.

What are vShares?

Simply put, vShares are a stake in Zurker.  vShares are allocated to members in exchange for inviting their friends to Zurker. vShares entitle the owner to own equity in Zurker, and shares in the future Zurker corporation. Compared to advertising, vShares are a low-cost alternative for driving the growth of the user base and traffic. Currently, vShares are priced at $1.00. Zurker will be incorporated as a company when 1,000,000 vShares have been allocated. At that juncture, the value of a vShare should be about ten times as much, as successful startups with more than 500,000 users can easily gain a valuation of $5+ million.

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Zurker is advert free and has a very strict anti-spam policy. so there are no ads on the site, it’s 100% free, and there’s no spam. Zurker has a open-book accounting, called Open Books,  This means that every cent in income and every cent in full public view.

Currently Zurker has 9 localized versions based on geographical regions such as : United States, United Kingdom, Europe, India, Canada, Australia and others.

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Zurker is currently in beta testing, and is not available to the general public, so you can only join by invitation. Here is your invitation to get in now.

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Zurker gives you the chance to a part of something that could possibly be huge. Just think if you could have gotten in on Facebook when it started, you would be rich. Get to know more about Zurker here, and if you want to join the beta program click here.

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