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Are you planning to change your website into a great website, and then it is necessary that your visitors must experience less of 500 page error! You might have heard people saying, “The server is down!” or “The server is running slowly”, whenever there is a problem related to internet. How do you feel when you eagerly expect to see some information online and you find that you land up in a page that has the 500 error page staring right at your face. have you ever thought what the server is all about? Well, in this internet age, nobody is unaware of the fact that server helps building the network that connects computers to each other.

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when your server is not giving its 100% or performing slower than the usual, you must know that it has got some problems. In such circumstances, server performance monitoring to check and correct server performance is really a must. Yes, continuous server monitoring helps you detect the server problems better than anything else, which is definitely of a great help to keep your server performing better.

Website monitoring is crucial for any business because it determines whether or not you will be successfully able to get your business leads to enhance the image of your brand. These days having more than one website is in vogue and for the smooth running of your business; you need to opt for effective website monitoring.

Monitor Scout is a free website & server monitoring. The service is very advanced and very user-friendly, and the product is likely to change the rules of the game of the website and server monitoring industry. Monitor Scout provides a new concept of monitoring. A lot of demand, based on people regardless of individual users and businesses can handle simple and easily manage the Monitoring Service Monitor Scout monitoring aims to establish a flexible and user-friendly and uncompromising technical stability and functional website.

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There are lots of features that make the Monitor Scout one of the best tools for effective server monitoring. Some of those attributes include the following:

  1. Get going within minutes without software installations
  2. Absolute top class external website & server monitoring
  3. Superior internal server monitoring with threshold notifications for CPU, RAM, HDD, NIC and processes.
  4. Reliable global monitoring network, with over 15 locations worldwide
  5. Instant down/up/threshold notifications via Email and/or SMS
  6. Multiple monitor checks per device
  7. Monitoring check with one-minute intervals
  8. Supports a vast number of applications and protocols.
  9. Dedicated and high knowledge technical support

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With the help of the Monitor Scout, the individuals can ensure getting the best quality web monitoring facilities. This is why most of the organizations prefer using this very tool for monitoring the server effectively and making sure it works properly, thereby giving the site a chance for sufficient exposure.

You could register monitoring account, use coupon code eiFu1Mah, which will give you 6 months for free, once you are out of the beta stage. This coupon code allows you to access the premium package of high end web site and server monitoring at no cost for an extra 6 months.

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