5 Things You Must Avoid While Designing a Logo

If you wish to be out and out professional with your logo designing skills and aim of getting applause and rewarding results for your work, you need to follow a few technical basics.  Of course, you could choose crowd source logo design from marketplace and creative community in the world. Together with your creativity, artistic sense and power of imagination, the things that are vital are to be aware of the mistakes that a lame logo designer does during his work. We have compiled here nine common mistakes you must avoid while designing a logo. Take a look!

5 Things You Must Avoid While Designing a Logo

Stay away from bitmap graphics

When designing a logo, most people choose the photo creation and editing software that they are familiar with, Photoshop. However, this is a mistake because even the latest versions of Photoshop only contain some rudimentary vector image functions, whereas well-designed logos need to be created in a vector graphics format.

As a rule of thumb, bitmap graphics elements should be avoided because of the following reasons:

  • The files don’t enlarge too well and will look awful when printed
  • The high resolution versions create huge files
  • You will encounter dozens of problems when trying to add it to other artwork

Typography and fonts

Avoid bad typography in your logos, this will make a bad impression on clients. Fonts and typography hold major roles in creating the exact mood of the logo and expressing the right feeling. But, we will ask you to be a bit restrictive. Restrict your use of fonts to a maximum of two and not more than that or else it will break the uniformity of appeal. The same rule is applicable in case of typography too. Select the one that suffers from quality and is too loud.

Color Combination

If you choose a bad color combination for your design it will produce a big fail and people will not like it. Choosing the right color palette is very important in creating the right impact and earning your appreciations. You cannot choose colors that do not comply with the theme of your logo. Further, you need to be careful about the overall approach of the brand which the logo represents. Whether the brand is an official one or a casual one in nature, choose the colors accordingly so that the appeal is kept intact.

Avoid Clip Art

Although the clipart gallery presents to you a plethora of images and logos, if you are a professional logo designer our advice is to avoid the same altogether. Actually, there is no doubt about the artistic and professional approach of the graphics present in the clipart gallery, what will not be much likeable is that they are too common. The logo you chose might always be preferred and picked up simultaneously by someone else too. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to make the same your copyright property. So, your logo will not be able to stand out of the crowd! Therefore, the expert opinion on this is that it is always better to create unique and novel logo, which makes your mark and you are easily pointed out from among the crowd too.


Logo design itself is a simple way to represent a company or a business so it has to simple, attractive and unique. Don’t make complicated logos. Avoid using effects on logo design. Most logos get a passing glance as it goes into a pocket, passes by a window, or scrolls off a screen. Therefore the most iconic logos are generally the simplest because a complex logo is difficult to remember.


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