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A domain name is an address where you can be found online.  One of the first steps in establishing your business online is registering a domain name for your website. For web designers and web developers, using a suitable domain tool may help to rush to register or related information research. If you ever find yourself seeking for an available domain name, PCNames ( is a great place to start.


What is PCNames? is a professional domain name search tool powered by Ajax, The interface is very simple and practical, you can enter a domain name to query keywords, and it wills instantly checks .com, .net, .org, info, biz, .us, .mobi and .name domain name availability. Results shown in color-coded, you can instantly know which domain names are available and which have been taken or be on sale. If the domain name has already registered, you can view the screenshot and WHOIS information. If the domain names are available, you can click Godaddy, Yahoo or other domain Registrars to buy, might as well add to favorites.

PCNames has a huge database of domain names from all around the Internet which helps the user to create a differentiation in his domain name. PCNames keeps a history of your recent domain searches and favorite domain picks, so you can not miss some important search results. You may remember last up to 50 recent domain name searches that you have done. also includes professional tools for bulk domain search, domain generator, and domain check widgets.


Domain Generator

One of the accessibility tools for domain name check is domain generator, which can help you generate domain names. Likewise, showing the registrability of domain name is a quite helpful function, which can help to find some unimaginable niche ones.


Bulk Domain Search

PCNames also provides a bulk domain search saving your time where you can input multiple keywords you wanted to check the domain name.


Domain Check Widgets

Indeed, is a very useful web site, if you like and wants your website also having the functionality, provides a widget to you, you can install the free instant domain lookup widget anywhere on your site by copy code and past it in your web page’s HTML. The widget embedded on your site will give your visitors same instant domain name service as


Best Domain Name Search Service

So, is the best domain name search service I have ever used. Good user experiences, convenient and practical function, especially instant speed, free advanced tools for experienced domineers, design for web2.0 age, are all reasons why I choose as my preferred domain name Search Tool.

Additional, ensure that they WILL NOT disclose the user information to any other 3rd party. Which assure userinfo of security and privacy.

Trust me, go on and try for a couple of searches and you’ll see what I mean. From a technical standpoint, it is brilliantly executed and an impressive display of modern searching techniques in action.

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