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Are you a graphic designer, photographer, blogger, advertiser, font freak, curious by nature or just dying to find out what’s the name of that awesome font that you saw on a website? Then search no more, and let me tell you about WhatFontis ( ) With  WhatFontis , a free online font identifier, you are only three steps away to find the name of the font that you just can’t stand not knowing about.

Step 1 allows you to upload a screenshot of the font or to enter the url of the image. Step 1 also lets you choose how you want to browse through the 150,000 fonts: display only free fonts or free alternative fonts, display commercial fonts or simply display all fonts.

Step 2 verifies if the characters viewed by  WhatFontis   match the characters of your uploaded image, that you need to input into the box next to the displayed character.

Step 3 identifies the font for you. If it doesn’t find the right match, it suggests 100 alternatives you can scroll down through and choose the one that most resembles your font. In most cases, WhatFontis also specifies the websites where you may download/buy the identified fonts from. Many of these fonts are available for free download.

With its huge font gallery and a very high processing speed, it is a fun tool to try out. Overall I am impressed by this tool and can really highly recommend it.

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